Web-based management (WBM)

Each PLCnext Technology controller features a web-based management (WBM). In the WBM, you can access static and dynamic controller information and modify certain controller settings. You can call WBM via every Ethernet interface of the controller.

The WBM systems of controllers with PLCnext Technology all have the same structure and are generally described in the following. Device-specific additions and deviations are optional and described in the corresponding device user manual.

Establishing a connection to WBM

To establish a connection to WBM, proceed as follows:

  • Open the web browser on your PC.
  • In the address field, enter URL https://IP address of the controller (example:


WBM can only be called if the controller has a valid IP address. Upon delivery, the controller has IP address (Ethernet interface LAN1 in case of several Ethernet interfaces).


If there is a PLCnext Engineer  HMI application on the controller, entering URL https://IP address of the controller calls the PLCnext Engineer application.

To call WBM in this case, enter URL https://IP address of the controller/wbm.

Initial access: TLS certificate

For secure communication, the controller web server uses a self-signed TLS certificate automatically generated by the controller. Before the controller web server can be accessed, you must authorize the TLS certificate in your web browser.


  • The controller generates the TLS certificate during the boot phase.
  • The certificate uses the IP address of the Ethernet interface with PROFINET® controller function.
  • The certificate is used for all Ethernet interfaces of the controller.
  • Each IP address of the controller must be authorized in the web browser before a PLCnext Engineer HMI application can be accessed via this address and therefore via the corresponding Ethernet interface.
  • The certificate is regenerated after the controller is reset to factory settings.
  • The certificate and a corresponding private key are available in the following directories of the controller file system:
    • /opt/plcnext/Security/Certificates/https/https_cert.pem
    • /opt/plcnext/Security/Certificates/https/https_key.pem

Initial access: Welcome page

The controller welcome page is shown when the controller web server is accessed for the first time.

The welcome page contains links to the following web content:


If you do not want the welcome page to be displayed each time the controller web server is accessed:

  • Enable the Do not show this page in the future and go directly to the WBM check box.

The next time you access the controller web server, the login page of WBM opens, see Login to WBM.

Alternatively, you can enter URL https://IP address of the controller/wbm (example: in your browser address field. In this case, WBM is displayed immediately.

The welcome page remains accessible via URL https://IP address of the controller/welcome.

Licensing information on open source software

PLCnext Technology controllers work with a Linux operating system.
All license information can be called up via the “Legal Information” link on every page of WBM:

  • Click on the Legal Information link on the bottom left of the WBM page.

Licenses for all of the open source software used are shown.

Changing the language

You can change the language for the WBM user interface in the top left of the web browser window.

  • Click the Deutsch or English link to change the language.

WBM then immediately switches to the desired language.

Login to Web-based Management

The WBM login page is displayed when:

  • You access WBM for the first time.
  • You have enabled the WBM user authentication function, see User Authentication page.

If you disable user authentication, login is not necessary to access WBM. In this case, the WBM start page is displayed when WBM is accessed.


Initial access as an administrator

When you access WBM for the first time, log in as the administrator.

  • Enter the user name admin in the Username input field.
  • Enter the administrator password in the Password input field.
    The administrator password is printed on the controller. For more detailed information, refer to the user manual for your controller.
  • To open WBM, click on the Login button.

The WBM start page opens.



  • Only use the administrator password for initial login.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, change the administrator password to prevent unauthorized administrator access (Setting a password).

Note: After changing the access data for the administrator, it is no longer possible to log in with the user name admin and the administrator password printed on the controller.

Logging in as a user

If WBM user authentication is enabled, log in using your user details.

  • Enter your user name in the Username input field.
  • Enter your password in the Password input field.
  • To open WBM, click on the Login button.

The WBM start page opens.

Start page – areas and functions


WBM is split into the following areas:

  • Information: General device information
  • Diagnostics: PROFINET®, Local Bus (Axioline, Interbus (Inline))
  • Configuration: PROFICLOUD
  • Security: User authentication, certificate authentication and firewall
  • Administration: Firmware update of the non-safety-related device firmware, license and app management



 • Published/reviewed: 2020-03-29 •  Rev. 24