Service Components - Overview

Service Components are built-in benefits for programmers that come with the PLCnext Runtime. Depending on the firmware release on your PLCnext Control, the set might differ.

Built-in Service Components

Find a detailed description to each service behind the respective link in the first column:

Service Component 2019.0 LTS 2019.3 2019.6 2019.9 2020.0 LTS
OPC UA Server
Remote Service Calls (RSC)
Real-time DataLogger    
REST data interface        

Program your own Function Extension

Got an idea for your own Service Component? Add it as a Function Extension coded in C++!

Attend this interactive online training, provided free of charge by our colleagues in the Training department of Phoenix Contact's Business Area Industry Management and Automation.

Start coding your own PLCnext Function Extension right away!


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