OPC UA file access

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How to

All directories and files are displayed in the http://phoenixcontact.com/OpcUA/Files/ namespace in a tree structure. Via the namespace, the corresponding NamespaceIndex can be determined from the NamespaceArray. The NamespaceIndex is a numeric value for identification of the namespace. It is saved in the NamespaceArray. Via the NamespaceIndex and the NodeIdentifier, the released data and directories can be retrieved.

The initial entry point for released directories and files is the FileSystem folder of type FolderType. In this folder, released files and directories are displayed in a tree structure, starting with the symbolic folder indicated in the config file:


The nodes are not stored recursively in order to save system resources. This means that not all nodes are loaded directly upon startup. The next level is only loaded once the OPC UA client opens a node.

File access must be configured and enabled in PLCnext Engineer.


The NodeIdentifier is structured as follows: [Symbolic name]|[directory name]/[file name]

Example: OpcUa|OpcUa/Doc/doc.config