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Notification Manager

Use Case

Notifications in PLCnext Technology are messages referring to special events. The Notification Manager enables sending and receiving notifications between components of a controller. Notifications can also transport user data (payload) which is information data without control or protocol information (no process data, no real-time requirements).

The Notification Manager is suitable for the different scenarios, for example:

  • Network settings have been changed
  • Network interface up/down (link up/link down: connection established/interrupted)
  • New component added
  • Recognized error, exception in one component


Notifications are identified via a notification name that the sender registers with the Notification Manager and thus make it known publicly. Then, it can send notifications.

As a basis, the Notification Manager uses RSC services to transmit messages between the components. Communication can be from one component to one or several recipients.



Notification names are structured hierarchically. Recipients subscribe under the notification name, and then receive all notifications that are published under this or a subordinate name. When a part of the name is indicated, all subordinate notifications can be received.

Both the PLCnext Technology firmware and user-defined components can send notifications. For an overview to the notifications of the PLCnext Technology firmware, see here.

How to

Notifications are available under C++ only.

On using the Notification Manager in a C++ component, please refer to the Using Notifications with C++ section.


User roles with access permissions

The following table shows which user role is authorized to what extent to call the methods of the INotificationLoggerService. User roles not contained in this table do not have access permission. 


User role QueryStoredNotifications
DeleteNotifications ListArchives Other





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