C++ programs in PLCnext Technology

With PLCnext Technology, you can use programs created with C++ in the real-time context of a PLC along with conventional IEC 61131-3 programs. To use programs and pro­gram parts created in C++ within the scope of PLCnext Technology, Phoenix Contact provides tools and add-ins that help to integrate your C++ program in your real-time application in an easy way. 

  • A Software Development Kit (SDK) with important toolchains and libraries for both Linux and Windows is available in the download area of your controller.
  • With the PLCnext CLI (PLCnext Command Line Interface), PHOENIX CONTACT provides you with a tool featuring the following:
    • Administration of the SDKs
    • Build environment
    • Automatic generation of required metadata and configurations
    • Automatic creation of complete libraries
    • Extensive toolchain based on a console
    The PLCnext CLI is based on the .NET Core Framework and can be used on Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • You can use the freely available Eclipse® software with the PHOENIX CONTACT  add-in for Eclipse® as the C++ development environment. The add-in allows for easy connection to the PLCnext Technology platform and provides the PLCnext CLI functions in Eclipse®.





 • Published/reviewed: 2020-05-13 • Revision 30 •