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Product range

The information in this Info Center is related to products running on PLCnext Technology, and additional supplies that are designed to work with PLCnext Technology products.

Currently, the following products are available or working with PLCnext Technology:

Product Product Type Version Order No.
PLCnext Technology Runtime System 2019.0 LTS or newer none - the Runtime System is implemented as firmware on PLCnext Control devices
AXC F 1152 PLCnext Control 2020.0 LTS or newer 1151412 
AXC F 2152 PLCnext Control 2019.0 LTS or newer 2404267
AXC F 3152 PLCnext Control 2020.3 or newer 1069208
RFC 4072S PLCnext Control 2019.0 LTS or newer 1051328
AXC F 2152 STARTERKIT Preinstalled station including a PLCnext Control 2019.0 LTS or newer 1046568
PLCnext Engineer Engineering Software 2019.0 LTS or newer 1046008
AXC F IL ADAPT Right-alignable Inline adapter terminal
(INTERBUS master)
2019.0 LTS or newer 1020304
AXC F XT ETH 1TX Left-alignable Ethernet interface 2019.0 LTS or newer 2403115
AXC F XT IB Left-alignable INTERBUS master 2019.0 LTS or newer 2403018

Modifications to hardware and firmware of the devices are not permitted.

Incorrect operation or modifications to the devices can endanger your safety or damage the devices.

Do not repair the devices yourself. If the devices are defective, please contact Phoenix Contact.

Ensure to use the latest LTS firmware or a current feature release with the corresponding documentation.


Firmware releases can be downloaded at the Phoenix Contact website (Firmware section). For installation, see the WBM Firmware Update page.

In case additional hardware, software, or tools are involved in a topic, the items in question are specified in that topic.

In general, software packages required for programming in C++ with Eclipse®, or in C# with Visual Studio® can be downloaded from the download area of a PLCnext Control, e.g. the AXC F 2152 download page.

Sample projects and the associated documentation can be downloaded at





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