PLCnext Technology is an open industrial automation platform, providing an abundance of opportunities to explore:

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How to read this content offline

We know that there are situations in real life where you don't have access to the Internet, e.g. on site in large industrial plants. 
You can take these information bits with you to read all this content offline:

  • print the respective topic into a PDF file (each topic will be a single PDF file)
  • download the whole content in a PDF file which is attached to this webpage
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How to get in touch with others

Do not hesitate to connect with other PLCnext Technology users around the world, and our passionate PLCnext team at Phoenix Contact in Germany. Your questions, hints, and feedback are always welcome.

  • For development-related questions or hints, visit the Forum section in the PLCnext Community; to post your questions or findings, please register (no cost, no newsletter, no ad bugging!).
  • For further product information, or application and use cases, contact your local subsidiary of Phoenix Contact.
  • For feedback to this information platform, please send an e-mail to the authors.





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