PLCnext Technology agile roadmaps

Here's a sneak peak into our development roadmaps and current activities on key parts of the PLCnext Ecosystem.

As always in agile development, this information is subject to change without notice. Come back on occasion to keep up with changes.

Latest update: April 9th, 2020

PLCnext Runtime System 

work in progress

  • Notifications – Cyber Security events
  • PROFINET® – deactivate controller and device
  • PROFINET®Fast Startup support
  • Security – enhanced user authentication settings
  • WBM – LDAPS configurations
  • Docker – fully integrate the balenaEngine

next on the list

  • Device and patch management
  • OPC UA – customer specific information models
  • WBM – EtherNet/IP™ diagnostics
  • WBM – VPN/IPsec config
  • PROFINET® – performance enhancements

PLCnext Control devices and Extensions

work in progress

  • AXC F XT PB extension module:
    let a PLCnext Control AXC F xxxx work as a PROFIBUS® Master

next on the list

  • AXC F XT EXP extension module:
    expand the left-side PCIe lane to 3 lanes

PLCnext Engineer

work in progress

  • Better compiler performance
  • Execution indication
  • Improved usability
  • PLCnext Engineer eHMI – get access to GDS ports
  • HMI – Dynamic Array access
  • HMI – Automatic screen generator
  • Hybrid clipboard (copy between any instances)
  • OPC UA Historical configuration view
  • Safety C functions (Add-in)

next on the list

  • Ethernet topology viewer (Add-in)
  • VCS coupling to Git
  • Expressions in symbol parameters
  • EN/ENO
  • Project online comparison
  • Mixed libraries (Code, HMI, and Device)
  • HMI – Language selection (string ID)
  • HMI – Trending
  • HMI – Alarming




 • Published/reviewed: 2020-06-12 • Revision 32 •