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PLCnext Technology agile roadmaps

Here's a sneak peak into our development roadmaps and current activities on key parts of the PLCnext Ecosystem.

Note: As always in agile development, this information is subject to change without notice. Come back on occasion to keep up with changes.

Latest update: July 9th, 2020

PLCnext Runtime System 

work in progress

  • Notifications – Cyber Security events
  • PROFINET® – deactivate controller and device
  • Security – enhanced user authentication settings
  • Docker – fully integrate the balenaEngine
  • OPC UA – customer-specific information models
  • IO-Link support in Axioline and PROFINET®
  • Applicative System Redundancy

next on the list

  • Device and patch management
  • WBM – EtherNet/IP™ diagnostics
  • WBM – VPN/IPsec config
  • PROFINET® – performance enhancements

PLCnext Control devices and Extensions

work in progress

  • AXC F XT PB extension module:
    let a PLCnext Control AXC F xxxx work as a PROFIBUS® Master

  • AXC F 3 FAN MODULE – for use with AXC F 3152

  • PROFINET® Device and Controller certified by PNO

next on the list

  • AXC F XT EXP extension module:
    expand the left-side PCIe lane to 3 lanes

PLCnext Engineer

work in progress

  • Better compiler performance
  • Improving usability
  • PLCnext Engineer eHMI – get access to GDS ports
  • Hybrid clipboard (copy between any instances)
  • Safety C functions (Add-in)
  • IO-Link configuration for Axioline and PROFINET®
  • WSTRING data type (Unicode)
  • Expressions in symbol parameters
  • EN/ENO
  • Mixed libraries (Code, HMI, and Device)
  • HMI – Language selection (string ID)

next on the list

  • Ethernet topology viewer (Add-in)
  • VCS coupling to Git
  • Project online comparison
  • HMI – Trending
  • HMI – Alarming




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